Job ad analysis

Job ad analysis – What is it: A resume specifically tailored to the job ad you posted in the discussion board. Purpose: The purpose of the resume is to present your credentials and argument for being a person qualified and interested in the position so that you make it to the interview. Goals: Persuasive/Informative To […]

Employment law paper

Employment law paper – For this assignment you will write a two-part scholarly paper. It requires you to use academic sources, scholarly word choice and tone, and effective use of evidence. Begin with an introduction that establishes an understanding of the purpose of your paper. Clearly present your thesis and a summary of the main […]

Create a Biopsychological spiritual assessment

Create a Biopsychological spiritual assessment – Instructions Now, pick up from where you left off last week. Last week, you identified rapid assessment instruments that could be utilized for screening/assessing a client that has the behavioral health issue that is related to your focus topic. You will now create a biopsychosocial (spiritual) assessment template that […]

Legal issues in nursing documentation

Legal issues in nursing documentation – The issue, then, is that as future nurses it should be of utmost importance to understand the legal ramifications surrounding nursing documentation. Each and every entry placed in a patient’s chart carries heavy weight having bearing on the care offered to this individual, as well as arising legal procedures. […]

Patient confidentiality and HIPAA

Patient confidentiality and HIPAA – Health care system has a very vital aspect which is patient confidentiality that enhances trust, privacy and the level at observe ethics by health workers. HIPAA is an Act that addresses patient confidentiality in healthcare; its understanding forms a major basis alongside other rules and regulations concerning the same. This […]

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Euthanasia and assisted suicide – There is a very little idea, which can be debated and hauled for thought greater than euthanasia as well as physician assisting suicide in the domain of ethical problems together with health practices. Both methods aim at ending a life with the intent of alleviating pain, but they take different […]

End-of-life decision-making

End-of-life decision-making – The process of the decision-making, dying people need no wonder is challenging but it’s an integral part of medical care and being healthy itself. Being a student, grasping this particular and understanding it adds not only theoretical depth to your knowledge but also makes you prepared for the cases in future professional […]

Informed consent and patient autonomy

Informed consent and patient autonomy – Today, we delve into a critical aspect of healthcare ethics: informed assent and patient autonomy. Regardless of the practice area, whether health care professionals or lawyers in law school quizzes these concepts are essential to know. Key Concepts: 1. Informed Consent: Informed consent refers to the process of giving […]

Trauma nursing and triage

The world of trauma nursing and triage beckons on you. You are a student and have started your path to perfection this path requires not only to be intelligent but also to be able think fastly caring and knowing human body, anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitation, psychology and many more. This expansive guide will break down trauma […]

Crisis and Emergency Nursing

It takes a lot to work in the Color Crisis and Emergency Nursing environment since this profession is not known to be forgiving. For this reason, one needs to have excellent characteristics of quick thinking, adaptability, and compassion. The field of emergency and disaster nursing is one which will see you at the front line […]

Mindfulness and stress reduction in nursing care

Mindfulness and stress reduction in nursing care – Heading into a mentality of mindfulness and stress alleviation for nursing delivers. As future nurses, you are now walking into an industry that is all about an unimaginably large level of compassion and indomitability. In light of all the adversities that you’ll face along your way, creating […]

Pain management techniques

Pain management techniques – Pain management is one of the most important aspects of healthcare, radically affecting quality of life for millions of people around the world. Regardless of the subject you’re studying, often healthcare, nursing, psychology, you have to know how to manage pain effectively for the patient. Here in this tutorial we will […]

Therapeutic touch and massage

Therapeutic touch and massage – Let us now ventured into the world of therapeutic touch and massage. Be it a student of healthcare or psychology or just a curious mind wanting to know about the alternative therapies, knowledge of the basics of therapeutic touch and massage will only help to make it a rich experience […]

Spirituality in healthcare

Spirituality in healthcare – The world of spirituality in management of health care opens its way to the eager learners. However, in the modern perception, the value of comprehensive care cannot be underestimated. Apart from the physical manifestations, meeting the spiritual needs of patients is also a significant aspect of holistic integration. Let us get […]

Complementary and alternative therapies

Complementary and alternative therapies – Defined as CAT, the range of practices and techniques considered to have beneficial effects beyond conventional medicine is broad and varied. If you are a human who is about to enter healthcare as a student, then knowledge of these methods will help to widen your view and learn more about […]

Holistic Nursing Care

This is a typical type of holistic nursing care. In this guide, some of the basic principles, practices, and benefits seen in holistic nursing care will be discussed to give an understanding of the matter. Whether you are an advanced nursing student or simply starting the road to becoming a skilled nurse, it is fundamental […]

Long-term care and rehabilitation nursing

Long-term care and rehabilitation nursing – It is a pleasure to you all the future nurses and health care professionals to such an interesting part of nursing where there is challenges and motivations and it’s the long-term care and rehabilitation nursing. While you progressively navigate towards mastery of this area, there is a need for […]

Palliative and end-of-life care for older adults

Palliative and end-of-life care for older adults – For students entering into the field of medicine people in the health industry who want to pursue the palliative and end-of-life care for older adults it is essential to understand all the details. This area requires humane, educational, and requires understanding not only of medical factors, but […]

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Care – Dementia and Alzheimer’s are complicated conditions that many people are suffering from, so knowing the proper strategy in dealing with these patients is of numbers one. This guide is intended for students of Healthcare who focus their work in these conditions, for all psychologists, and for those who are […]

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