Multi agency Emergency Response

Research and review videos and articles related to inter agency communication and information systems in emergency management.

Note: Consider using the resources provided.

Write a 550-word paper in which you explain communication, and infrastructure needs for multiagency preparedness. In your paper:

  • Analyze the relationship between law enforcement agencies and emergency response interoperability.
  • Describe communication elements that are critical to the success of multiagency interoperability, particularly as it relates to 3 modes: radio, video, and computer.
  • Identify challenges to communication between federal, tribal, state, and local law enforcement agencies/emergency responders. For example:
  • Frequencies that need to be used nationwide in interoperability
  • Phones that can transition into radio
  • Multi-communication devices

Include at least 2 academic sources in your paper

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Ord Paper


This paper will explain communication, emergency management multi-agency interoperability as well as infrastructural requirements for multi-agency preparedness. This consists of defining the relationship amid emergency response interoperability and law enforcement agencies vital elements of communication for multiagency interoperability success along with the challenges of communication amid the federal, state, local and tribal emergency responders or law enforcement agencies.

            According to Treglia (2013), entities of emergency response consist of centers of dispatch, services of rescue, ambulance and departments of fire. Therefore, emergency response interoperability involves the ability of these services to work jointly to exchange and share information when required. On the other hand, agencies on law enforcement are accountable for maintaining their jurisdiction laws as well as guarding property and people. They are repositories of information, a basis for incidents documentation along with events in general.

            Multi agency interoperability is the ability of several agencies of public safety to switch information within the correct place and period, whether different systems of information or communication are included. Multiagency systems of interoperability communication assist the ability to switch amongst individual devices, fixed services and mobile platforms (Office of Domestic Preparedness, n.d; FEMA, 2019). Therefore, for ……………

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