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Discuss the characteristics of the school(s) which you attended and were socialized. Include in your discussion class size, school size, the curriculum philosophy, and community involvement

include this details i did my schooling in India. pleases write the book or video reference


In this paper, I will give the characteristics of the school I attended in India.  I will include the class size, the school’s motto in addition to the school size in addition to the community involvement. 

            In my former school, was a requirement for every student to be in school at 8.45 am dressed in complete school uniform, a tie and shoes on a daily basis and the classes would end at 3.45 pm. The total number of students in the entire school was 1200 with each class having at least 30 to 40 students. The learning system started from the 1st grade to 12th grade and all were joined in a single campus. The curriculum was: the first language was English then local national language was second, hind and sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) was the third language) then social studies (geography and history).

            In comparison to other schools within the community, besides school work, priority was given to sports such as athletics, volleyball, kabadi, shot put and hockey. The school had students who would participate in sports at the state level…………

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