The Difference Between Metacognition and Self-Regulation

Self-regulated learning and metacognition are intertwined constructs; you cannot have one without the other. Self-regulated learning is made up of processes that learners use to focus their thoughts, feelings, and actions to attain their goals. To be a self-regulated learner, metacognition must play a role. Elaborate on how you believe metacognition and self-regulated learning are related. What inferences can you make on their impact on learning and achievement? What do you think is the relationship between metacognition, self-regulation, and self-regulated learning?


Metacognition and self-regulation are interdependent, meaning that an individual cannot have one and lack another.  Establishment of the relationship between the two concepts will enable the identification in real-life scenarios.

            Self-regulation learning means that persons have the ability to control and monitor their learning process, while metacognition means that the individuals a component of the self-regulation that involves the ability to control the use of cognitive abilities (Schunk, 2016). The association between the concepts is that in the self-regulated learning, the learners must control their process of learning; an action that involves metacognition. The metacognition in this process is the regulating, monitoring and control of their own thinking. Another relationship is that during the self-regulated learning, the individuals use metacognitive knowledge to create awareness about the themselves, goals, strategies, tasks, and other relevant information. Furthermore, during the self-regulated learning people use metacognitive experiences to make attribution about their own goals. Finally, the self-regulated learning involves use of metacognitive strategies such as evaluation, monitoring and planning.

            The self-regulated learning and metacognition have impact on the learning and achievement because they enable the individuals to plan and co …………

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