Public Health Annotated bibliography

Write an annotated bibliography of three articles from peer-reviewed journals on the way in which research has been used to develop or improve public health programs.
Use these articles as a basis to provide recommendations for changes or improvements in the program or service offering at your agency.
Format for annotated bibliography:

Source shown in APA format
200-300-word summary of article


The annotated bibliography utilizes four articles to discuss how the research has been used to develop and improve public health programs. All the articles are published in the peer-reviewed journals namely Health Services Research, Journal of Nursing Administration and BMJ. The first article by Scutchfield, Mays & Lurie, (2009) discusses the public health can benefit from the research.  Scutchfiled states that the application of research in the public health sector has various advantages such as enhanced emergency responses and reduction in disease incidence.

The article by Black, et al (2016) the role of clinicians training in the application of evidence-based practice.  Through the application of the evidence-based practice, the health sector benefits from the the reduction of the medical costs and enhanced patient outcomes.  Black identifies various challenges such as lack of awareness of the research, resistance from workers, among others that hinder the evidence-based research. The third article by Pantoja,  Barreto, & Panisset,  (2018) analyses how the America healthy system can benefit from the evidence-informed policy. According to Pantoja, EVIPNet-Brazil …….

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