Performance Management Paper

In the past several years, organizations have moved from conducting performance appraisals to implementing more comprehensive performance management systems. In this 5-7 page paper, students will describe the research found on the most productive ways to evaluate an employee's performance. This analysis should include information regarding the best ways to motivate and incentivize employees toward top performance. Students will then create an outline of the system a manager might incorporate to monitor employee performance. This APA-formatted paper should include a minimum of 5 professional references.


The function of performance appraisal has shifted beyond being a tool of assessing workers to an instrument used to strengthen the desired conduct as well as competent employee’s performance. Performance appraisal is a strong tool used to marshal employees with a complicated plus well managed organization to accomplish strategic objectives. An excellent system of performance appraisal must establish ways for successful performance, provide feedback on performance and allow a reward system that is fairer.  Methods of performance create the foundation of employees evaluation plus their involvement towards the objectives of the organization. It includes the preferred outputs required of workers. Methods of performance must correspond with objectives, applicable to given responsibilities, precise as well as measurable, within the control of employees and accepted and understood by participants Kinichii, Kiptum & Chege, 2016). This paper will discuss he most useful methods to assess the performance of employees including information concerning excellent methods to incentivize and motivate workers towards topmost performance in addition to an outline that will be used by the system manager to observe performance of employees.

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Ord Paper

Benefits and Compensation            

An appropriate and efficient system of compensation according to Daniels and Bailey (2014) can assist to appeal and keep talented and competent workers who might assist the organization to achieve its objectives and missions. Managers should create a system of compensation that portrays the work’s altering nature plus t …………….

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