Influences on Employee Relations Article

What position/positions in your organization are accountable for workplace relations in your organization? What impact do they have? What programs are in place to impact relations at work? Provide specific examples.
If you were an HR manager in a private-sector organization, what key programs would you implement to improve employee-employer relations? Why?
How would you determine the added value of your programs?


Influences on Employee Relations

                Organizations that are well defined have a clear chain of command with a line of command that moves from one level to the other from the highest person or department of authority to the least powerful. This hierarchy determines how many levels of management the company will have and dictates who reports to who. In other words, the managers in charge of each department are responsible for relationships in the company.

In my organization, these departmental heads are responsible for the employee’s relationships and the plan on influencing their subordinates in different ways depending on the level they lead. Managers act as leaders and good leaders not only motivate their employees but also set a good example that can be trusted. Some of the programs that the department use to influence relationships in my organization are motivation on productivity (Emma, Kim, Amanda, & Ian, 2015). This mostly happens through the managers by setting good examples and directly influencing others to work effectively.

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Another way is by fostering employee creativity. Most successful business in the world today are as a result of new innovations and right developments towards meeting the need of the customer. Our organization ensures that every person is given the opportunity to exercise his or her creativity in the right way.  Given a chance as a manager in a growing business, I would ensure good working relations by fostering a working culture ……………

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