Health Policy: Affordable Care Act

Please select a topic related to Health Policy for your final paper. You may select a current health care policy (e.g. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), a specific program (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, and State Child Health Insurance Plan) or you can select any other health care system (e.g. Health Management Organization, Preferred Provider Organization).
2. Summarize the selected health policy, health program or health care system and its current status;

3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the selected health policy, health program, or health care system;

4. Discuss challenges and opportunities related to the selected health policy, health program or health care system;

5. Present recommendations for policy modification and/or program or system revisions;

6. Cite your sources in APA format with a minimum of 7 sources [Wikipedia, Wikianswers, and are unacceptable sources]; AND

7. The typed paper must be double-spaced [With 1-inch margins AND 12-point Times New Roman font].

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Affordable Care Act/Obamacare


            In 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed by the Obama administration. This became the most historic transformation in the health care policy of United States of America (USA) after the 1965 opening of Medicare or Medicaid.  Though the bill had been enacted in 2010, majority of provisions related to cover would not start until 2014. The initial passage of ACA ended on March 31st 2014. The following period took place on November 15. (By the end of the month, six million people had enrolled for health cover via the market which was a remarkable initial phase. However, since it was enacted, there have been several claims from the aisles both sides concerning the failure or success of ACA; these opinions always highlighted by persuasion of politics (Machinkati, Helm II, Benyamin & Hirsch, 2017; Families, USA, 2014). This paper discusses Obama Care or Affordable Care Act as a health policy as well as its opportunities and challenges in addition to recommendations for the policy modification or revision of the program.            

Before ACA was fully effective in 2013, MedicalBillingAndCoding (2018) assert that, the uninsured population was about 15 percent, and more than 32 million people in America could not get insurance for various reason (for example pre-existing ailments). After the act was effective the uninsured American numbers dropped to 10.9 percent. The estimates by Congressional Budget Office (CBO) were that t …………….

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