Employee Voice

Please answer the questions below. Use question and answer (Q&A) format for your response; in other words, include the original question along with your answer in the reply. Within your post support your responses with information from at least two reputable sources (library and/or web-based) and provide the full citation at the end. Use APA format for your references. Bring in your own personal experiences, if applicable.

What data would you gather about your organization (or large department or division) to accurately evaluate its organizational climate?

How would you collect that data?

How often would you collect data and analyze it?

How would you analyze it?

What is an example of an HRM action that might result based on data gathered?

What are your experiences with evaluating organizational climate as an administrator or as part of a work group?


What Data Would You Gather About Your Organization (Or Large Department Or Division) To Accurately Evaluate Its Organizational Climate?

            I would collect data concerning customer satisfaction, employee performance, personnel development, benefits, leadership, and development of workers.

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Ord Paper

            According to HR-Survey (2019), the outcome of this kind of process feedback offers knowledge on the way workers perceive the company along various dimension. This procedure assists the company (Human Resource Department) know they are perceived by employees.  

How Would You Collect That Data?

      Methods of collecting are several, but for this case, the following methods will be used as given by Peersman (2014):

Data Can Be Collected from Groups or Individuals

            This could be in form of interviews – discussions from focus groups, individuals, main informant, group, as well projective methods. Interviews with main informants could be representatives from pertinent departments, outside organizations that assisted with its implementation as well as the people liable for schedule programme observing

        Specialized techniques - such as stories, projective method, regular calendars, card sorting and hierarchical and dotcocracy).

       Surveys or questionnaire - face to face, web, mobile data or email. Interviews could be performed with mangers of the organization.


       Planned or pre-planned, respondent or non-respondent, non participatory or participatory, notes recording, vides or photos.   The activities of the organization …..

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