Emergency Management Response Analysis

Write a 825- word paper on Hurricane Katrina

  1. Select 1 or 2 examples of initial responses specifically related to the emergency management event (police/fire) within the first 24 hours of the event.
    1. Summarize the timeline of the response.
    1. Integrate terms related to emergency management utilized in the article(s).
    1. Critique the overall outcome of the response(s) by assessing the impact of emergency management.
    1. Develop a logical argument for 2 alternative courses of action.
    1. Provide support - use at least 1 to 3 outside source/s (class reading material may be used) No more than 15% of paper can be outside material.

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Emergency Management Analysis

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Ord Paper

Hurricane Katrina

            Hurricane Katrina was the strongest storm to affect United States of America’s coast in the past 100 years, resulting to extensive destruction alongside the America’s Gulf Coast. Cities that were affected by the force of Katrina were Mississippi, central Gulfport, Alabama, Mobile, Louisiana, and New Orleans. The distraction’s seriousness along with the issues that arose during the wake of Katrina shook the past notions of response and planning by the government to natural calamities on a wider-scale (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US), 2006). According to Homeland Security (2006) some of the initial responses during the disasters were:

            The commencement of life sustenance and saving efforts, along with Rapid Assessment groups evaluated damage within the regions affected. In several regions, bridges and roads had been destructed causing water and air to be the available means to get to trapped victims, to perform assessment of damage and get personnel emergency management response into the area. 

            Since Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) had earlier information of the disaster in other regions, it prepared itself in Louisiana by pre-staging water trucks and MREs trucks at Superdome. Additionally, similar trucks of goods had been delivered after the landfall in Superdome.

Timeline of the Response

  • Katrina started on Tuesday August 23 in 2005 when two major tremors were heard in Bahamas and Nasau.

On Thursday August 25, the storm was named Katrina aft ………….

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