effects of the media on socialization

What is your opinion regarding the effects of the media on socialization? Back up your ideas with citing from the Text and the Video Clips "Gaming," and "The Social Media Revolution 2016.


Media is among the major agents of socialization. Socialization is all-time procedure in which people learn interaction with values, rules and societal standards. Studies have recognized the effect of media on socialization in developmental sociology, psychology communication and media studies, as well as pedagogy. Media has redefined people roles in the society along with realities that depend on what is gained from the various kinds of media. Through media, people are able to form stands and opinions. Deviance in the society is an added effect of media through various socialization agents since the deviances are created via people’s beliefs (Genner & Suss, 2017).  Additionally, the media gives social deviance exposure owing to the way deviance is normal to the popular culture.

            The individuals who rely on what they view on TV, listen on radio, study on internet is rapidly increasing owing to the assistance of current developments.   A lot of periods are given to the use of media (Genner and Suss, 2017). For people to be entertained implies that media is growing in getting supporters, and therefore, profits as well.

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     With increase in the world modernization, The Social Media College (2016) reveals that, the media role as socialization agents has been made strong. Individuals interact with the world through media.  For example, most people have met through facebook, LinkedIn ………..

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