child, family, school and community paper

Do you believe that music and songs reflect the values of a particular generation, or do you think they have influence over that generation’s values? Please explain your thoughts.

reference : Ferguson, S.B. (2016). The child, family, school, and community: A developmental perspective. Retrieved from


Throughout the years, music has tremendously changed. Every age group has particular songs describing their generation. Each song possesses dissimilar lyrics that describe the artist’s feelings. Every person in a particular generation connects with the song in a certain manner. What cause the song to be wonderful are its lyrics. Every song affects a person via different methods such as educating on lessons in life or affecting an individual’s heart. Each age group has songs that influence the universe through inspiring individuals to perform certain activities or describe the personality of an individual. Every general has songs that define them. During the formation of music, emotional feelings and culture that happens in day to day life are integrated.

            For example, generation y has accessed a wide range of information via technology. Owing to technology becoming a big aspect in the lives of generation y, music technology has also changed. Within generation y period, the methods used to get music improved from using radio cassettes to pirating or downloading. In case one had the desire of buying music, they needed to purchase the entire cd or radio cassette. Actually …………….

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